Our highly creative team of designers, product developers, and artists are some of the best in the business. The products they create line the shelves at over 40,000 retail stores worldwide.

It all started in a garage in 2001 when our founders developed the company’s very first line of books. Now, nearly a billion products later, we sell to over 30 countries in more than 20 languages and are one of the top gift bag producers in the US!
We are a privately held company based in Nashville, Tennessee with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, India, Indonesia, and Argentina.
Our Nashville staff includes about 45 full-time designers to bring our customers the most versatile and appealing designs possible.
We have dedicated sourcing and production teams in Hong Kong, Shanghai, India, and Indonesia to ensure industry-leading pricing and punctual delivery of all of our quality products.
Our products appear in over 40,000 storefronts. In 2020 alone, we produced 150 million retail sales units.
Our specialties include stationery, children’s books, activities, gift bags, educational products, stickers, agendas, calendars, seasonal decorations, and more!
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